IADC to Present Update on Ecosystems Services

This week International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) will present an update on Ecosystems Services during a PIANC-Seminar: “Ecosystem Goods and Services: Identification, Assessment and Benefits for Navigation Infrastructure Projects”. 

Following a 2-day colloquium (May 5 and 6) on Ecosystem Services ‒ Challenges and opportunities in managing flowing waters of the German Federal Institute of Hydrology, PIANC will organize the seminar May 7 in Koblenz, Germany.

In the morning plenary presentations will be held, focusing on:

  • Modelling and mapping Ecosystem Goods and Services;
  • Monetary and non-monetary values of Ecosystem Goods and Services;
  • Governance and planning: How to integrate biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?

IADC will present an update on its “Ecosystems Services project; towards more unbiased maritime infrastructure project assessments”.

This session will be followed in the afternoon by three parallel workshops developing PIANC’s way forward to integrate Ecosystems Services in future marine and inland waterway infrastructure business.

The day will be concluded with an interactive plenary discussion.