Senior Leadership Visits Project Brays

Brigadier General David Hill, USACE – Southwestern Division Office commander, last week conducted a site visit of the Brays Bayou Federal Flood Control Project – Channel Modifications, Discrete Segment 101 and 103.

The objective of the project is to decrease the frequency of flooding within the Brays Bayou Watershed by constructing a shelf or shelves above the existing water surface to widen the Brays Bayou channel from Lidstone to Calhoun.

Designed to reduce the risk of flooding, the Brays Bayou Federal Flood Control Project, today known as Project Brays, is a cooperative effort between the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that also incorporates local initiatives.

Channel Modifications

As part of Project Brays, approximately 21 miles of the channel will be modified. Approximately 18 continuous miles of channel widening, beginning at the mouth of Brays and moving west to Fondren Road, will increase the amount of stormwater the bayou is able to carry.

Additionally, about three miles of channel deepening will be constructed, beginning at Old Westheimer Road and extending upstream to Highway 6.

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