Exclusive Photo Coverage: Egypt Dredging Summit

Egypt Dredging Summit 1

The Egypt Ports & Waterways Summit (9-11 June), hosted by IQPC, brought together industry leaders, government officials and investors to discuss the future of the country’s dredging projects, ports and waterways.

IQPC is also organizing the Coastal and Canal Zone Development Conference taking place in Cairo from 17-19 November. The focus of this event will be the development of hinterland facilities and industrial and trade capacity in Egypt, with representation from the key stakeholders of projects such as the SCZone/Suez Canal Area Development Plan, Damietta Grain Terminal, Golden Triangle Project, Development of East Port Said Port, Development of Red Sea Ports.

Supported by the Suez Canal Authority, Alexandria Port Authority and Damietta Port Authority, the Egypt Ports & Waterways Summit was sponsored by the NMDC, IHC Merwede, Decision Sciences International Corporation, DEME Group, IBEX Solutions, GLDD, Liebherr Werk Nenzing GmbH, MTU Middle East and many more.

During the summit, the respective authorities outlined their visions for the future of transhipment and logistics in Egypt. Some of the topics covered include: new developments at Alexandria Port, expansion works and dredging operations at Damietta Port, the new Suez Canal and effects it will have on the industry, development of Sokhna Port, etc.

The event also offered an interactive roundtable discussions, which were organized by the Royal ‪IHC, MTU and the River Transport Authority.

IHC session, lead by Praveen Badloo (Area Director Africa) and Jannes Kamphuis (Dredging Consultant) presented very interesting topic “Innovative solutions for developments in ports, waterways, rivers and infrastructure”.

Today, we are bringing you some exclusive photos from this prestigious event:

Egypt Dredging Summit 2

Egypt Dredging Summit 3

Egypt Dredging Summit 4

Egypt Dredging Summit 5

Egypt Dredging Summit 6

Egypt Dredging Summit 7