Improving Navigation of Ganga River

The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) is investigating measures to augment the navigational capacity of the River Ganges, under the Jal Vikas Marg project.

The River Ganges (or River Ganga) already carries some shipping, and is recognized as having the potential to be a major inland waterway of over 1,500 km in length.

HR Wallingford, alongside project partners Howe Engineering Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd and PMC Project (India) Pvt. Ltd, will undertake a package of river modelling, geomorphology, dredging, engineering and navigation feasibility studies.

This will develop options for improving the navigational capacity of the waterway.

We look forward to working with IWAI and our partners to develop a set of solutions that are deliverable and work with the natural river system,” said Dr Mike Dearnaley, HR Wallingford’s Chief Technical Director.

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