DOP Pumps for Harbor Project in Brazil

Damen has delivered two complete DOP packages to Acciona Infraestructuras, S.A., a Spanish construction company.

The DOP submersible dredge pumps are being used in a large harbor construction project in Brazil. The DOP pumps empty concrete caissons to be able to reposition these as a breakwater.

At Sao Joao de Barra, which is located along the South Atlantic coast some 150 miles North of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a large harbor construction project started a few years ago. Acciona was awarded the contract for the engineering, design and construction of two artificial breakwaters. Acciona decided to use their pioneering system of concrete caissons built in an auxiliary dock.

Five of these sand-filled caissons now have to be emptied to be moved to their final position, together with another 37 caissons which have already been made and positioned in their final place.

Damen has delivered two DOP packages, which both include a DOP submersible dredge pump, type DOP250, a 403 kW diesel hydraulic power pack, a separate diesel driven jetwater pump feeding the dredge pump’s suction head plus a number of hoses, connections and spares.

DOP packages to Acciona

The DOP is connected to a crane. Each DOP250 has a mixture capacity of 1,250 m3/h, and is used to empty each partition of the caisson. The sand is put to good use as it is pumped to a nearby beach.


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