Groups Press Cuomo on GE Cleanup

Through the formal request to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the leaders of four major environmental organizations are stating that given New York’s status as a Trustee of the Hudson River Superfund Site, the governor has a critical role to play to ensure a healthy and restored Hudson River.

The choice is between a cleaner and more usable river for all New Yorkers or the continuation of a toxic threat to the state’s environment and public health that will leave the Hudson and the communities along it damaged for generations longer.

The environmental groups, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Scenic Hudson, Riverkeeper and Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, state that as the chief representative of the people of New York, the governor should take prompt action to protect the Hudson River and its communities.

The call to the governor is to:

  • direct DEC to formally request that EPA order GE to immediately cease dismantling its state-of-the-art clean up infrastructure;
  • investigate GE’s handling of Hudson River fish sampling and take all appropriate action against GE for any discovered malfeasance;
  • expedite calculation and collection of GE’s NRD liability—which must include provision for dredging of remaining PCB toxic hotspots—and strongly encourage the company to promptly settle its outstanding NRD liability.