Delft Hosts Transport and Sedimentation Event

The 17th International Conference ‘Transport and Sedimentation of Solid Particles’ will take place from 22-25 September in Delft, the Netherlands.

For more than 40 years these conferences have been a traditional place of meeting and active debates of scientists, engineers and leading authorities in different aspects of transport of solid particles.

The conferences have supported the international exchange of developments in research and applications in the field of hydraulic transport and sedimentation.

Among the participants there are chemical, hydromechanical and hydraulic engineers, physicists, hydrotechnical and hydrology scientists, sanitary engineers and engineers dealing with problems of the natural environment.

Hydraulic transport of solid-liquid mixtures in closed and open conduits is used in many industrial applications and/or for the hydraulics disposal of various wastes. The setting of solid particles is also useful in many industrial applications and sediment transport in channels and rivers has a direct impact on the natural environment.

The conference also provides a forum for the exchange of information on environmental protection.

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