VIDEO: Reinforcing the Dike with DOP350

The German coastal protection dike named “Alter Koog” is being reinforced over a distance of 2.5 kilometers with the use of Damen DOP350 submersible dredge pump.

The DOP350 submersible dredge pump is relocating the dumped sand to several sedimentation areas. The pump takes sand from a temporary pit to several spoil fields. From these spoil fields the sand is taken by dumper trucks to the exact location on the reinforced dike.

With its high capacity of 900m³/h of solids over 100m and more than 700m³/h over 500m, the submersible dredge pump efficiently mines and transported the sand over the required distances.

The DOP350 is mounted on an excavator and driven by an ICE 900 power pack.


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