Hycom to Maintain Van Oord’s Vessels

Hycom BV, part of the HYDAC-group, has signed an international service agreement with Van Oord.

The outline agreement contains a worldwide concentrated system in which partnership is central. The two parties agreed to cooperate exclusively over the next 3 years on maintenance and repairs of all hydraulics on board Van Oord’s 24 ships.

The deal gives both parties the opportunity to plan ahead all necessary maintenance work, with the advantage that a vessel can be maximally deployed and the necessary manpower is utilized as effectively as possible.

Van Oord will, next to HYDAC’s expertise in the field of hydraulics, also benefit from HYDAC’s latest technological developments, among which the condition monitoring systems that can support Van Oord in achieving their strategy for sustainable maintenance.

By means of condition monitoring systems, predictive and preventive maintenance can be scheduled, which may avoid forced downtime.