Field Test Starts in Everglades

As progress continues to be made in restoring America’s Everglades, an incremental water operations field test has been initiated to take a deeper look at what operational refinements are possible to provide additional ecological benefits to the Everglades ecosystem.

This field test is an important step towards our comprehensive restoration effort as it delivers much-needed water to Everglades National Park,” said Col. Jason Kirk, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District Commander.

The data collected during the field test will assess how newly-operational project infrastructure integrates with the current water management system, and how to maximize ecological restoration objectives.

Collecting data is essential to successfully achieving restoration goals for the Everglades,” said Tom Teets, South Florida Water Management District Director of Everglades Policy and Coordination.

The field test will be conducted in three increments. During the duration of the first two increments, data will be collected and analyzed; natural, agricultural and urban system responses to project operations will be assessed; and ecological monitoring will be maintained.

Real-time data from this field test are available on the project Web page.