New Gear for Van Oord’s Dredger

Bakker Sliedrecht – specialized in the design, production, installation and maintenance of complex electrical installations – will be taking care of an electrical conversion project on board Van Oord’s trailing suction hopper dredger Volvox Terranova.

The company recently received order for the engineering and integration of all electrical installations on board the vessel.

This includes installation of a new 6 MW submersible pump motor together with a frequency drive. The new frequency drive will allow the submersible pump motor to be adjusted to the specifications of the type of sand that is being processed, like size and density.

Additionally, Bakker Sliedrecht will install a 1700 kW jet pump motor on board the ship. The jet pump and the submersible pump motor are both powered by one DC bus multidrive. This multidrive will also be engineered, built and installed by Bakker Sliedrecht during this conversion project.

The factory acceptance tests of the key components and the integration engineering will be conducted in close cooperation with Van Oord. All components will be implemented and delivered to a shipyard in Asia, ready to go into operation.