IADC Annual Report Published

IADC (International Association of Dredging Companies) has just released their Annual Report for 2014.

In this report, the board gives an overview of the state of affairs of the Association and its activities in the last year.

Highlights of the year include the start of the ecosystem services project in which the theoretical concept will be applied to five maritime infrastructure projects, a successful course on the Environmental Aspects of Dredging, offering hours for continuous education programs to participants, the continuing increase of activities on social media and preparations for the 50th anniversary of the Association.

The IADC aims to create and disseminate dredging literature that provides an independent picture of the dredging industry and its characteristics.

It covers the whole spectrum from an article on the theoretical research on the cutting power of chisels to a practical explanatory movie on YouTube on how a trailing suction hopper dredger works.

The IADC aims to inform all kinds of stakeholders, from consultants to the general public on how the dredging industry can take care of their interests.

For the complete Annual Report 2014 click here.