Hudson Work Completed (VIDEO)

GE has completed dredging New York’s Upper Hudson River – an engineering and logistical feat more than a decade in the making and an accomplishment the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency called “a historic achievement.”

The last phase of dredging took place over a 40-mile stretch of the Upper Hudson River between Fort Edward, N.Y. and Troy, N.Y.

The work was performed 24 hours a day, six days a week, for six months of the year for six years.

GE invested more than $1 billion to complete the project with more than 500 people employed.

Although dredging is now completed, GE’s environmental cleanup work on and along the Hudson River will continue.

GE will restore under-water vegetation to areas of the river that have been dredged and will monitor environmental conditions in the river for the foreseeable future. The data will be used to assess the benefits of the dredging project.

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