MTG, an international company specialized in the design and production of systems for earth moving machinery, has had a very busy 2015 so far.

The company has recently introduced its latest solutions for the dredging market at the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam.

That’s why we decided to do an interview with Ana Cabezas, the Key Account Manager for MTG Dredge Sector, and to find out more about the company’s latest developments and plans for the future.

DT: With the 2015 business year nearing its end, what can you tell us about the MTG’s business results, reached goals and accomplished tasks so far in the dredging market? 

Ana: In the dredging market, I can say that we are more than happy with the fast growth of our product, which is due to its excellent performance. This has allowed us to create a multifunctional Dredge Team, including Project Management, Product and Process Engineering, Technical Services and Key Account Management.

Regarding new products, this year we have launched a new MTG Systems DMet size 5, so now we cover the cutter-dredgers range from 3000HP to 8000HP.

Finally, we are proud to announce that we are currently working on the development of our own cutter-heads and that we have already received our first orders from clients.


DT: Which markets are currently in the focus of MTG, and do you have plans to expand your business areas? 

Ana: Since the 90’s, when we created our first own patented product brand for the construction market, our key objective has always been to supply innovative and efficient wear parts protection systems for earth moving machinery. For years, 90% of our sales came from our efforts in the construction sector.

However, in the last 10 years, we have been moving a step forward with the aim to become a solid player in the mining and dredge markets as well.

In order to reach this vision, MTG has carried out some important projects, which included the development of innovative products for dredge and mining. We are currently working at a speed that allows us to launch an average of 120 items per year. Finally, MTG is making very strong investments in high tech manufacturing equipment.

In 2012, we opened a brand new foundry in Spain, equipped with the most advanced technology which makes it one of the most modern foundries in Europe. We therefore have been able to expand our product range by manufacturing high quality wear parts for a wider range of machines, including heavy mining and dredge equipment. Of course, this new foundry allows us to welding and manipulating equipment to manufacture the MTG cutter-heads.

We control the whole process: product design, manufacturing and quality control, so we can guarantee the most reliable and flexible answer to our customers.


DT: Your Company recently attended the Europort event in Rotterdam. Can you share some insight on this? 

Ana: Europort is the place to be thanks to its international focus among the dredging community worldwide and its large number of exhibitors and professional visitors. Now that MTG is becoming a very serious alternative for high quality cutting systems for dredge, it is more important than ever to be present in this kind of events.

Although we already have contacts with the main dredging companies, it has been a wonderful opportunity to communicate our value proposition in this sector.


DT: Our readers would love to know more about your DMet System for dredging industry?

Ana: The MTG Systems DMet is our proprietary patented teeth-adaptor system firstly launched in 2006 and now improved and redesigned. It has been specially developed to perform on cutter dredgers.


It is a G.E.T. system which ensures maximum reliability and productivity even in the most demanding applications and environments, improving productivity and increasing protection of cutter dredgers. This system includes a hammerless locking technology, MTG Twist, which guarantees safety and provides added reliability and ease of use.

With a range of self-sharpening designed teeth with optional use of inserts and extra protection for the adapter, the MTG Systems DMet system is designed to maximize the lifecycle of all its elements, maintaining the cutter-head operating for longer times and reducing maintenance costs.


DT: What can you tell us about the MTG’s current plans in the dredge sector?

Ana: MTG’s mission in all the markets in which we operate is to develop innovative products and services that improve our customers’ business and the productivity of earth-moving equipment.

In the dredging sector, our plans for the future include the extension of the DMet family, with additional and innovative designs as well as new sizes, according to our client’s needs. We are also working in the development of hammerless solutions to cover all types of cutter-heads.

Of course, as mentioned before, a big challenge for the upcoming year is the introduction of our own cutter-heads in the market.

We also look forward to partner the main OEMs, currently very strong in the small and medium cutterhead range, in order to innovate and provide improved solutions to the market.


DT: What are MTG’s most important goals and business plans for 2016, regarding the dredging sector?

Ana: Looking at 2016, MTG’s main goal is to extend MTG’s brand awareness globally, reaching the main regional dredging companies all over the world.