River Parrett Dredging Scheme Scheduled for March

The Environment Agency has just announced that an environmental statement has been prepared in respect of proposed improvement works to the flood defense on the River Parrett between Northmoor Pump Station and Linden Farm.

The proposed improvement works will involve removal of the silt that has accumulated along up to 1 km stretch of the River Parrett downstream of Northmoor Pump Station to increase flow capacity.

The section identified for dredging is immediately downstream of previous dredging works undertaken in 2014.

The one-off capital dredge will generally be along a single bank and it is estimated that approximately 14,000 cubic meters of silt will be removed.

All dredging works will be undertaken by mechanical plant, either from pontoons within the rivers or, along a short length, from the river bank.

Works are currently programmed between March 2016 and July 2016, and the speed of progress will be determined by the weather, river levels and the actual quantity of silt to be removed.

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