Duke Energy Introduces Dan River Dredging Plans

Duke Energy plans to launch a construction barge in waters near the Dan River Steam Station for maintenance work linked to excavating and closing coal-ash ponds near the retired power plant.

Utility workers will use an excavator aboard the barge for tree-clearing operations this week, followed by rock work later this spring to reinforce earthen pond walls located beside the river, according to Duke spokesman Jeff Brooks.

“All work will be done under strict permitting and environmental requirements to ensure our crews and the river remain safe throughout the project,’’ Brooks said.

“Crews will work to ensure safe passage remains around the barge, but boaters should use caution when navigating this area near the power plant.” 

Brooks also added that Duke Energy plans to begin work next week renovating the Danville, Va., municipal park that the company had used as a staging area for dredging up the largest deposit of coal ash left in the river by the February 2014 spill.

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