Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Dredging Video

The Canal & River Trust is making progress with the £1 million worth Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal dredging project.

The work on the project that will dredge sections of the 46 mile canal from Tixall Lock in Staffordshire to Falling Sand Lock near Kidderminster started back in March 2016.

During this eight-month project approximately 17,500 tonnes of silt are to be excavated from the waterway. So far, around 2,500 tonnes of silt have been removed from the canal.

Using a floating dredger, silt and debris which has built up along the bottom of the canal over a number of years, are being scrapped off the bottom of the waterway. The removed material will either be reused for bank stabilization or sent to landfill.

According to the Paul Fox, from the Canal & River Trust, the project is to be completed by the end of this summer.

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