JAXPORT Deepening Scheme on the Way

The MOL Majesty made history yesterday at JAXPORT as the first containership to arrive at the port through the new, expanded locks of the Panama Canal.

The ship docked at TraPac Container Terminal at Dames Point where crews unloaded and loaded cargo.

The 991-foot Majesty has a maximum capacity of 6,724 TEU (containers) requiring 46.5 feet of water when fully laden.

“The arrival of the MOL Majesty through the new locks is a reminder that this is a time of great growth potential for JAXPORT and Northeast Florida,” said JAXPORT CEO Brian Taylor.

“We already have the infrastructure, highway and rail connections, labor options and efficiency that the international cargo industry demands, and we are on our way toward a harbor depth that will accommodate ships like the Majesty at capacity, creating jobs and opportunity.”

Jacksonville Harbor is a part of the St. Johns River, and deep draft navigation vessels transit the harbor from the Atlantic Ocean to the Main Street Bridge in downtown Jacksonville. The harbor has an authorized project depth of 40 feet from mile 0 to mile 20 and an authorized project depth of 34 feet to mile 22.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently completed a comprehensive, years-long economic, engineering and environmental study for the Jacksonville Harbor Channel Deepening project.

A signed Chief’s Report for the project was issued in April 2014. In June 2014, the project received congressional authorization in the Water Resources Reform and Development Act.

The federal project to increase Jacksonville’s harbor to 47 feet is finally moving into the construction phase with the dredging expected to begin later this year.

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