Team Van Oord Welcomes Flood Review Findings

Business & Finance

Team Van Oord has welcomed the findings of the National Flood Resilience Review, published earlier this month by the Department for Environment.

The Review recommendations include plans for improved rain and flood modelling, a ‘significant’ increase in new temporary flood defenses and greater protection to infrastructure, and says that the lessons learnt from last winter’s flooding will make the nation ‘better prepared and more resilient’ to flooding.

Maurits den Broeder, Chairman of Team Van Oord, said: “Team Van Oord was involved as an external consultee in the production of the National Flood Resilience Review, and we broadly welcome its findings and recommendations.

“We have been actively involved in supporting the EA and local communities in emergency flood situations since the winter floods of 2013/14. We are currently providing front line support to a number of EA areas, and are visibly active in the West Thames area facilitating works to support the deployment of temporary barriers.

“We are committed to playing an important role in delivery of the country’s largest secured capital program – £2.3 bn to protect 300,000 homes – as a leading supplier under the EA’s WEM (water and environmental management) Framework.”

The Government says that £2.5 bn is being invested between 2015 and 2021 to strengthen flood and coastal defenses, and that it will use the review as the basis for investment beyond 2021, making sure funds are directed where they are most needed.