WASA Scores Another Dredging Contract in Norway

Image source: WASA
Image source: WASA

WASA Dredging, a Finnish marine offshore and inland water construction company, yesterday signed a contract with the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) – Kystverket for blasting and dredging works in Grøtøyleden, Norway.

Under the contract, WASA will be deepening six different areas in the fairway – 136.536 m² in total.

“We have calculated that we will have to dredge a total amount of about 450.000 m³ of material due to the bulking factor of the rocks,” Mr. Daniel Backlund from Wasa Dredging revealed exclusively for Dredging Today.

The masses will be taken to two nearby sea-reclamation sites.

“In addition to this, WASA will have a lot of work with the ‘infrastructure’ of the fairway; removing old pipes, replacing buoys, putting out new buoys and so on,” added Mr. Backlund.

The Finnish contractor will deploy the combined dredger/blasting pontoon ‘Boulder’ for this job.

The start of this capital dredging program is scheduled for the beginning of 2017, and all work should be wrapped up by September 15, 2017.