DBL Group Enters Dredging Market with IHC Beavers

Dhaka-based business conglomerate DBL Group has recently launched its dredging business – DBL Dredging.

To support its entry into this new market it ordered two IHC Beaver® 50 cutter suction dredgers (CSDs), and two Delta Multi Craft (DMC) 1050 work boats.

The two IHC Beaver® 50s were delivered with a spud carrier pontoon, anchor boom installation, production measuring system and dredge track presentation system (DTPS).

This will enable DBL to perform an efficient dredging operation.

IHC builds the Beaver® series of CSDs to stock, which ensures short delivery times, as well as meeting individual customer requirements.

“Our new dredging division will contribute to restoring and maintaining the navigability of over 300 rivers in Bangladesh,” said Mr Md. Matiar Rahman, Chief Operating Officer DBL Dredging.

“In my experience, the IHC CSDs prevail over other equipment available on the market in terms of performance, lifetime and reliability. Supported by IHC’s service centre in Dhaka, I am confident we will meet the expectations of our customers.”

“We are honored to support the DBL Group with its growth ambitions in the dredging market,” said Mr Kees Derks, IHC Area Sales Director. “Alongside the delivery of the new vessels, IHC will also extensively train the crew on site and provide lifetime support.”

The four vessels are currently being transported to Dhaka and are expected to arrive in December 2016.

IHC has also released a video of commissioning IHC Beaver® 50 cutter suction dredgers for DBL Dredging:

Within two years, IHC has sold no fewer than 20 IHC Beavers® and work boats in Bangladesh to various parties in the private dredging sector.

The total number of IHC vessels and units of equipment supplied to Bangladesh since 1972 is now nearing 50.

As a result, the demand for local servicing and maintenance is growing. In response, IHC has expanded its network of local service centers and offers full support to its customers from Dhaka.