S.J. Hamill Makes Progress in Charleston

S.J. Hamill Construction Company LLC, as the lead in a joint venture with Banks Construction, has successfully completed their first month of crushed stone placement for the South Carolina Port Authority’s new 280-acre container terminal in Charleston, SC.

In lieu of industry standard mass material delivery methods, S.J. Hamill has implemented a very unique approach to bring in their materials.

They have teamed up with a Newfoundland quarry to mine, manufacture and transport via open-ocean 3.5 million metric tons of stone cargo to Charleston.

Over the next 12 months S.J. Hamill will be responsible for accepting 60 more ship loads of stone at their berth, discharging it via a combination of land and marine supported conveyance systems and spreading it across the terminal in strategic lifts with heavy equipment.

This phase is only one part of S.J. Hamill’s two ongoing contracts with the South Carolina Port Authority.

The construction of this terminal is the only one permitted on the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts and is the largest-ever investment by the Authority with a total estimated worth around $700 million.

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