HDD Dredge Pump DP400 for Egyptian Job

Image source: BIG Dredging
Image source: BIG Dredging

Holland Dredge Design (HDD), member of the BIG Group of companies, has just finished the first production of the HDD Dredge Pump DP400.

The DP400 dredge pump unit is already sold by HDD and will be assembled in a dredging vessel.

The dredger is currently working in Egypt and is being used for the rivers deepening operations.

“The DP400 impeller is provided with a double curved impeller blade. These double curved impeller blades ensure greater efficiency,” Cristijn van den Biggelaar from BIG Group, revealed exclusively for Dredging Today.

“These pumps, built from separate wear-resistant parts to exchange wear parts easily and still works cost effective, have adjustable casting positions and could be mounted easily into an existing dredger.”

Holland Dredge Design BV is a Harderwijk based company specialized in the engineering, designing, building, supplying and maintenance of dredging equipment.