Senior Eddy Pump Engineer Enters XPRIZE Semifinals

One of Eddy Pump Corporation senior engineers, Phillip Rhyner has made it to the semifinals of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition.

This is a major accomplishment in a worldwide competition for the 7 million dollar prize, reported Eddy Pump Corp.

Phill heads up the Orca Robotics team, at the same time he is a senior engineer that designs slurry pumps, dredge systems and unmanned dredge vehicles for EDDY Pump.

He played a critical component with the electrical, remote operation and hydraulic design of the Subdredge.

The focus of this Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE is improving deep-sea mapping and exploration tools.

The semi-finalist teams, consisting of almost 350 individuals from 25 countries, will continue their competition later this year.