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Subdredge Tested in Vicksburg (VIDEO)

 Thad Pratt, along with other Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory engineers and technicians, successfully tested the ...

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EDDY's Subdredge for ERDC

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center has taken delivery of a new remote-operated Subdredge. The ...

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Eddy Pump's New Equipment

Eddy Pump Corporation has introduced their newest lines of pumps and dredge equipment incorporating Smart Pump ...

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Eddy Pump Engineer in Semifinals

One of Eddy Pump Corporation senior engineers, Phillip Rhyner has made it to the semifinals of the Shell Ocean ...

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Eddy Pump Releases New Design

Eddy Pump Corporation – a dredge equipment and pump manufacturer from El Cajon, California – has started shipping ...

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Eddy Pump’s Sub-­Dredge Redefines the Industry

Underwater gold mining for a long time has been a very labor intensive and often low yielding process. Divers are ...

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