Herman Senior Orders Its 12th Damen Vessel

The Dutch family-owned tug and workboat company, Herman Senior BV, has ordered its 12th Damen vessel – Multi Cat 2712.

Given the very short delivery time, the new vessel will already be officially launched and christened ‘Panda’ on March 23, Damen said in its release.

Jack van Dodewaard, Herman Senior Managing Director, said: “The new Multi Cat 2712 has the big advantage that she is suited for deepsea work and can sail worldwide under her own keel. At the moment we have our vessels in Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe so this new addition will add to our flexibility.”

“Our current Damen Multi Cat ‘Yogi’ has a working limit of 30 miles offshore. She has been active in South America for three years so in the first instance we had to go to the expense of transporting her over there.”

The Multi Cat 2712 has a bollard pull of 32 tonnes and two 290 tonnes/meters cranes on board with a lifting capacity of 11.5 tonnes at 16.5 meters, so is suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Panda is largely a standard Damen vessel, which has been built for stock, although some extra navigational equipment has been added, the company said.

Based in Dordrecht, Herman Senior serves the dredging market, offshore wind farms and the oil and gas industry, with services including towage, plough dredging, anchor handling, geotechnical services, diving support and salvage and anchor recovery, amongst others.

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