Norway: Stad Ship Tunnel Officially Included in the Transport Plan

Image source: Norwegian Coastal Administration

The Norwegian government has submitted a white paper on transportation (National Transport Plan 2018-2029) which includes proposal for the Stad Ship Tunnel.

Now, the project is officially part of the country’s transport plan, paving the way for the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) efforts to build the ship tunnel.

It will be the first ship tunnel of this size in the world, and makes one of the most challenging and hazardous shipping lanes in Norwegian waters safer for sea transport.

Stad Ship Tunnel is an important project on the western coast of Norway, which will provide greater predictability and safety for transport by sea. It will create opportunities for establishing new ferry and shipping routes, and transfer of freight from land to sea transport,” said Minister of Transport Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

This is good news, and in line with NCA recommendations as part of the impact assessment. There are still many pieces of the puzzle that needs to be put into place before construction can start, but we have previously stated that the actual construction could be at the earliest in 2019,” said project manager for Stad Ship Tunnel at NCA, Terje Andreassen.

Studies for selection of the route and cross section were finalized in 2010 and the subsequent external quality assurance process in 2012.

The Stad Ship Tunnel will be 1.7 kilometers in length, 50 meters high and 36 meters wide. Estimated building time is 3 – 4 years, with a projected cost of approximately €293 million.

About €163 million have been earmarked for the project in the first half of the planning period for The National Transport Plan 2018 – 2029.

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