AAPA: FY2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill to Help U.S. Ports

Both the House (by a 309-118 vote) and the Senate (by a 79-18 vote) have passed the FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, which funds the government for the rest of the fiscal year (through September 30).

This legislation is an important milestone in the American Association of Port Authorities’ (AAPA) America: Keep It Moving campaign, which informs policymakers, and those who influence policy, about the job-creating power of U.S. ports, AAPA said in its latest release.

“The funding levels in this legislation will benefit U.S. ports by ensuring the federal government continues to contribute its share of capital to seaport-related infrastructure, port security and voluntary diesel emissions reductions efforts,” said Kurt J. Nagle, AAPA president and CEO.

“AAPA’s U.S.-member ports are especially encouraged by the robust funding provided for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Navigation Program, which is a critical partner in ensuring that America’s waterside infrastructure is prepared for growing volumes of both export and import trade.”

Some of the specific funding levels within the 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that benefit U.S. ports include:

  • $6.038 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers, including $2.66 billion for navigation projects and studies, $1.301 billion for Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund work and $28 million for the Donor and Energy Transfer Ports Program;
  • $500 million for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s TIGER program;
  • $5 million for the Maritime Administration’s Marine Highways Program.

The bill will be sent to the President where he is expected to sign it.


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