Liebherr HS 8100 HD Busy in Port of Hamburg

Image source: Liebherr

A Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane, type HS 8100 HD, is currently carrying out dredging work in the Port of Hamburg, Liebherr said in its latest announcement.

For years the Port of Hamburg has been fighting with sediment deposits, which cause receding water depths and, therefore, impede the shipping industry.

“The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) must ensure a water depth of 23 meters for the smooth sailing of vessels. For this reason sediment, which is partially enriched with poisonous substances, has to be dredged, specially treated and, in some cases, disposed of in far-off waste sites,” Liebherr said.

Approximately 4.75 million cubic meters of sediment must be removed from the Hamburg Port per annum and brought by barge to suitable treatment and disposal sites outside Hamburg, according to the announcement.

The average density of the extracted material is about 1.4 t/m³ (mud).


In order to further advance the dredging work in the Port of Hamburg the HPA chose a Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane, type HS 8100 HD.

It is equipped with a mechanical clamshell bucket from the Italian manufacturer Negrini, which has a filling capacity of approximately 3.5 m³. Through dredging with the aid of a duty cycle crawler crane the proportion of water during removal is kept under 10%.

A further advantage is that not only sediment can be removed but also other waste material such as stones, metal and various bulky goods.

The duty cycle crawler crane works on the barge “Modi”, which was manufactured by the Dutch shipyard Ravestein-Schiffswerft.

Image source: Liebherr