Bakker Sliedrecht Equipment for CWB’s New Dredger

GIW Industries, a manufacturer of heavy-duty dredge pumps, has ordered two powerful submersible motors from Bakker Sliedrecht.

The motors are destined for a new hopper dredger, which is being built at Wenchong Shipyard in China for the Chang Jiang Waterway Bureau (CWB).

According to Bakker Sliedrecht, the order consists of two oil-filled submersible motors including a control system that communicates directly with the frequency converter and pump. The company will also supply the pressure compensation system, a vital part of this critical equipment.

The company will be responsible for the FAT tests, supervision the installation of the submersible motors on site, commissioning of the equipment and participation in the sea trials.

Bakker Sliedrecht reported that the company will act as the linking pin between approximately ten companies, all working on this suction tube project.

Delivery of the new hopper dredger to CWB id scheduled for 2018.


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