VIDEO: Dredge Liberty Island Starts Duck Nourishment

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (GLDD) has officially begun beach nourishment operations in the Town of Duck with the arrival of the company’s dredge Liberty Island.

According to Dare County, NC, the dredge started pumping sand late Tuesday night, May 23rd, at the Widgeon Dr. subline and will continue progress North for a few days.

The shore pipeline will then be flipped and crews will work to the southern boundary of the project zone to the end of the taper. Upon completion of the taper, GLDD will assess whether to finish the originally planned Northern section with the Liberty Island, or allow the Dodge and Padre Island dredges to finish the section.

The county also announced that the Dodge and Padre Island dredges are still on schedule to begin work at the Ocean Bay Blvd. subline when they arrive on sight by the end of May.