Medina Estuary Sedimentation Management

At the beginning of May, Cowes Harbor Commission (CHC) hosted a forum meeting for dredging stakeholders at which a presentation was delivered on the basic hydrodynamics and evolution of the Medina Estuary.

CHC reported today that a review of sediment management monitoring reports was presented, and discussion was held on the development of a stakeholder Maintenance Dredging Management Plan covering surveying, consents, dredging options and partnership working.

The forum considered the progress made to date on the studies and survey work that has resulted in a good understanding and conceptual model of the sedimentation system of the Medina Estuary.

Project summary – Estuary Sedimentation Management & Development of a Maintenance Dredging Management Plan

The proposed next stage is to develop a draft Maintenance Dredging Management Plan for the whole Medina. The full scope of this draft plan is yet to be concluded, however, it will include reviewing all dredging methods and options for management of sedimentation.

It will also focus on opportunities to improve efficiencies and introduce cost savings in the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) consents processes, tendering and management of future maintenance dredge campaigns and sediment management systems.

According to CHC, this project has the potential to be very beneficial for all stakeholders who have a requirement of, or interest in, maintenance dredging; however, for the project to be successful it will need the support and involvement of all the interested parties.