Ocean City Prepares Three Dredging Projects

Representatives of ACT Engineering, together with the mayor and other city officials, gathered on Saturday, June 3, at the Ocean City Tabernacle to discuss the latest plans for the city’s dredging program.

During the town hall meeting, ACT Engineering and city officials announced that the Carnival Bayou, South Harbor and Sunny Harbor are the next areas to receive much needed dredging.

According to the city, environmental permits have already been secured for Carnival Bayou between 16th and 17th streets, South Harbor between Tennessee Avenue and Spruce Road, and Sunny Harbor between Arkansas Avenue and Walnut Road.

The city plan calls for dredging of those areas in September, October and November, because of the objections from local residents regarding the works.

The city’s permit would allow dredging to begin on July 1, but will likely have to wait until the fall because of objections from local residents about doing the work during the summer vacation season,” Mayor Jay Gillian.

The first round of the city’s $20 million dredging program started last year with the dredging of Snug Harbor between Revere Place and Eighth Street, and Glenn Cove between Tenth Street and Walton Place.

Frank Donato, the city’s chief financial officer, said that in 2017 the municipality is planning to spend $7.5 million for dredging projects.