DHI’s Port Expansion Solution Introduced in Bali

DHI, an independent research and consultancy organization operating worldwide, presented their Port Expansion Solution (PEX) at the 30th IAPH World Ports Conference in Bali last month.

The presentation was delivered by Dr. Mamta Jain and attracted solid attention for the duration of the conference, DHI said in its announcement.

“The Port Expansion Solution sets new industry standards with cutting-edge modelling software. It allows you to radically reduce your dredging costs and environmental impact for channel expansion and ongoing maintenance,” according to DHI.

“Significant reductions in dredging costs and successful port operability require a highly accurate and comprehensive software.”

The company’s delegation was represented by key presentations from DHI Indonesia, DHI Singapore and DHI Australia.

The International Association for Ports and Harbors (IAPH) is the largest of its kind in the world with port members representation approximately 60% of the worlds seaborne trade.