Anglian Water Invests in New Wetland

Anglian Water announces £500k investment for new Norfolk wetland water treatment facility. 

A brand new wetland is to be created in Norfolk, funded by Anglian Water and created in partnership with Norfolk Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.

The new one-hectare site will act as an innovative, natural treatment plant for over a million liters of water a day. Used but treated water will pass through the wetland to be further filtered and cleaned before it’s returned to the environment in the River Ingol.

This additional, natural filtering process will further improve the quality of water being returned to the river, benefiting the whole of the River Ingol, which is a spring-fed chalk stream.

Not only will the wetland have a practical purpose, it will be a huge biodiversity asset and attract various breeding birds, amphibians, bats, water voles to the local environment, Anglian Water said in its release.

The wetland site will be constructed, maintained and operated by Norfolk Rivers Trust. The Trust has now submitted an application for planning permission to the Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council.

Work on the site is anticipated to begin by the end of the year, with a completion date proposed for March 2018.