DEME in Line for Terneuzen New Lock Project

After an intensive tendering procedure the Scheldt Committee is planning to award the Terneuzen New Lock Construction Contract to the Sassevaart consortium, reports DEME.

The following parties belong to this consortium: BAM Infra B.V., DEME Infra Marine Contractors B.V., Dredging International N.V., BAM Contractors N.V. and Algemene Aannemingen Van Laere N.V.

According to DEME, the final award of the project is intended to be on 25 August 2017. The work will start at the end of 2017 and the first ship will sail through the New Lock in 2022.

The lock is going to be just as long and wide as the renovated locks in the Panama Canal, with dimensions of 427 x 55 x 16.44 meters. The lock is being constructed within the existing lock complex in Terneuzen.

At the start of May 2017 three final tenders were received and evaluated over the following weeks. After approval of the results by the Flemish Government and the positive opinion of Ministers Weyts and Schultz Van Haegen on behalf of the Flanders-Netherlands Scheldt Committee the award to the Sassevaart consortium could be announced.

The construction of the lock including the preparatory costs and support and also the infrastructural management and maintenance for the first two years is expected to cost 934 million Euros (including VAT).

In accordance with the agreement between the Netherlands and Flanders, the Netherlands is paying for the construction of the New Lock at Terneuzen, over 190 million Euros, including a regional contribution. In accordance with the agreement, Flanders is bearing the other costs.

The Port of Ghent is contributing to the Flemish share of the costs. A contribution of over 48 million Euros is being made from the European CEF funds.