Italdraghe to Deliver BD3 to Italian Customer

Image source: Italdraghe

Italdraghe SpA, an Italian manufacturer of specifically designed dredging and mining applications, has received an order to deliver the Dredging Head 200 (BD3) to a company from the North-East of Italy.

“The product, suitable as excavator attachment and as ladder cutting head, is itself a dredger-in-miniature, exploiting the know-how of decades of dredging without giving up on smartness,” Italdraghe said in its announcement.

Some of the key features of the Italdraghe’s excavator dredging head are: simple quick-fit installation, low maintenance costs, easy to use one-man operation, easy to transport, compatible with all brands of hydraulic excavator, driven directly by excavator’s own power source, ideal for hard-to-access stretches of water, and suitable for working from both on-land and floating excavators.