EPA Supports Wisconsin’s Coastal Wetland Projects

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $550,303 to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to protect high quality coastal wetlands, to acquire land in a State Natural Area, and to control invasive species in coastal wetlands.

Work will focus on the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

“This grant will assist the efforts of local partners to improve environmental conditions and health for the 30 million Americans who live and work in the Great Lakes region,” said EPA Administrator Pruitt. “EPA is working closely with state and local partners to advance our shared goal to restore the Great Lakes ecosystem.”

“These grants will enhance the department’s efforts to protect highly sensitive and rare coastal wetland habitats,” said WDNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “The projects will benefit both the fish and wildlife resources along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.”

WDNR will use EPA funding to protect high quality wetland habitat on the coast of Lake Michigan.

Wisconsin will also acquire 4.6 acres of land in the Chiwaukee Prairie, a State Natural Area on the coast of Lake Michigan. Additionally, funding will be used to protect 1,222 acres of Lake Michigan’s coastal wetlands from invasive species.