Cape Town: Dredging initiative moves ahead on Lower Silvermine Wetland

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Directorate is moving forward with Phase Two of the Lower Silvermine Wetland dredging initiative.

photo courtesy of the City of Cape Town

 As part of the current phase, approximately 79 000m2 of wetland will undergo dredging to remove silt, alien vegetation and reeds.

The dredging started from the WLT Pond and will extend all the way down to the bottom, near Main Road.

This initiative is a part of the City’s ongoing river maintenance designed to enhance inland water quality, a primary objective within the City’s water goals.

For Phase 1 of the project, R6 million ($319,042.20) was allocated and now for Phase 2, costs are estimated at R3 million ($159,527.37) for work, which is expected to be completed by the end of June 2024.