Damen Dredge Pump Busy in Brazil

On the Brazilian South Atlantic coast, the continuous transport of sediment threatens the accessibility of the Belmonte terminal.

To tackle this problem, the owner has acquired a Damen DOP250 submersible dredge pump. The DOP, powered by a dedicated diesel hydraulic power pack, is attached to a crane, which is located at the end of the Pier.

The dredging depth is approx. 10m. A jet water assisted exchangeable suction head boosts the DOPs sand mining performance. A separate jet pack, being a containerized diesel-driven jet water pump, is located next to the crane on the Pier.

Due to the long discharge distance – some 1.3 km – a land-based booster, type BS250, is added in the discharge piping. Working together the DOP and booster easily reach the discharge area for storage of the dredged sand.

The DOP and booster have been delivered including all connecting piping and training. The design of the project lay out involved close cooperation between Damen engineering van Veracel Celulose, which has resulted in the turn key delivery of the entire dredging system.