Flint River Dredging Project in Full Swing

The Flint River river remediation project, which includes dredging of impacted sediment and excavation of riverbank soil, is in full swing now, according to the Consumers Energy.

This major river dredging project that spans from the Hamilton Dam to East Fifth Avenue, will address Flint River sediment impacted by historical MGP operations, the by-products of the manufactured gas operation from almost 100 years ago that entered the river by underground migration and erosion.

Since the beginning of the dredging operations in June, the crews have been mechanically dredging impacted sediment and excavating riverbank soil; removing water from sediment and disposing of sediment and soil in an approved landfill offsite; treating and discharging water from the dewatered sediment under an approved permit; installing a multi-layer protective barrier in the river and restoring the remediation area.

According to the Consumers Energy latest update on the project, instream dredging activities continue downstream of STA 18+60 and bank removal activities along the western and eastern riverbanks. Capping is anticipated to finish in early-December.

The company expects dredging work to be completed by the end of September.

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