Shrewsbury River Dredging Project Starts in October

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials yesterday announced that sand shoal dredging will take place in the Shrewsbury River in Monmouth County.

This project is Phase 1 of a two-phase project to restore safe navigation in all State channels in the Shrewsbury basin, reported the NJDOT.

The $1.3 million dredging project, expected to begin in October, is a part of the NJDOT’s State Channel Dredging Program Superstorm Sandy response operations.

The work will be in portions of the Monmouth Beach Channel, Rumson Country Club Y Channel, and Oceanport Creek Entry Channel. An estimated 17,500 cubic yards, is expected to be removed from the three channels.

The dredging will remove sand shoals as part of the Phase 1 recovery process. After removal of the shoals, the Monmouth Beach Channel will be restored to a depth of six feet in the previously shoaled area.

The Rumson Country Club Y Channel and Oceanport Creek Channel will have a depth of five feet and four feet, respectively, where they have experienced critical shoals. Dredged sand will be beneficially placed onto the shore in Monmouth Beach between Park and Central Road, added the NJDOT.

Mobilization of equipment began in mid-September. Channel use will be limited where the dredge is in operation and where the pipeline is carrying dredged material to its placement location. The project is intended to run on a 12-hour/5-days a week schedule (Monday through Friday) with a possibility of some Saturday and/or weekend work as the project progresses.

Due to strict federal and state regulations all dredging activities will need to be completed by December 31.

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