Photo Update of the Pocklington Canal Dredging Work

The Pocklington Canal last Friday added another photo of the ongoing dredging works currently being undertaken below Thornton Lock.

According to the Canal & River Trust, this £152,000 landmark dredging project that will help transform East Yorkshire’s Pocklington Canal is scheduled to be completed just before Christmas.

Unlike many of the Trust’s other dredging projects, which primarily help to keep the network of canals open to boats, the work on the Pocklington Canal is taking place in the non-navigable upper reaches of the canal. The main focus is to help wildlife, while also contributing to the overall vision to make more of the canal navigable to canoeists and boaters,” reported the Canal & River Trust.

During the project, special amphibious digger will remove approximately 8,000 tonnes of nutrient-rich silt that will be re-distributed to a nearby arable farm.

The Canal & River Trust also added that this is the first time in over a century that two sections (totaling just under a mile) of the 9-mile canal are being dredged.