EPA Grants for Restoration of Wetlands Across New England

EPA has awarded $1,345,000 million in grants to strengthen the capacity of the states to protect and restore wetlands.

The Wetland Program Development Grants provide interstate agencies, tribes, and nonprofit organizations with funding to develop and refine comprehensive state and local wetlands programs, said EPA adding that supplemental funding for these projects will be awarded in FY18 but the amounts will be budget dependent.

These grants are a good example of our productive relationship with state partners, achieving meaningful environmental benefits for American communities by working collaboratively,” said Deb Szaro, acting regional administrator for EPA’s New England office. “Protecting wetlands is a cost-effective way to help communities take advantage of the significant benefits provided by healthy wetlands: buffering from storms and flooding, filtering stormwater, protecting habitat and offering recreational enjoyment.

This year, EPA has awarded funding for ten projects to protect, manage, and restore wetlands. These grants assist state, tribal, and local government agencies in building programs, which protect, manage, and restore wetlands. “Wetlands are valuable resources that are vital to the health of our waterways and communities,” said EPA.

More info on the funded grants can be found here.