Port of Gdansk to Launch Largest Investment Program in Its History

The Port of Gdansk will once again turn into one of the biggest construction sites in Poland.

During a recent press conference, the Board of PGA SA summarized the 2017 investments and presented the plan for 2018.

2017 was a year of plans, concluding contracts, announcing tenders. Now, the work is about to begin, successive investments will gradually be launched,” said Lukasz Greinke, President of the Board of the PGA SA.

According to PGA, in 2018, the scale of the work will increase considerably. The largest investments are those co-financed (up to 85%) by the European Union within the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Thanks to the EU funds, substantial changes are to be expected within the areas of the Inner Port, among others. The fairway will be deepened and the following quays expanded: the Obroncow Poczty Polskiej and Mew Quays, the Oliwskie Quay, the Zbozowe Quay, the Wisloujscie Quay, and the Dworzec Drzewny Quay. The estimated value of the project is approx €112 million.

In the Outer Port, the Port of Gdansk will expand and modernize the road and railway network for about €43 million. All of the projects executed as part of the CEF program are due to be completed by 2020.

EU subsidies will also contribute to the construction of the new Polnocne Quay, thanks to which the Port of Gdansk will gain a terminal for Ro-Ro type cargo, among others.

We are happy that we can execute the largest investment program in the history of the Port of Gdansk. On the one hand, it will help us considerably increase the attractiveness of the Port for contracting partners, and on the other, we will gain additional competences, which will help us complete our flagship investment, which is the Central Port,” said Marcin Osowski, Vice-President of the Board and Director of Infrastructure at the PGA.

As part of hydrotechnical investments, the Northern Coastal Breakwater will be modernized. The PGA will also modernize the fender line of the Ore Pier. These are just some selected items of about 150 included in the investment and renovation plan for this year.