Van Oord and Bolier Enter Maintenance Agreement

Van Oord and Bolier have signed their first extensive ‘P​ower by the H​our’ service​ ​contract for all MaK medium-speed-diesel engines aboard the Subsea Rock Installation vessel Bravenes.

By signing the new contract, Bolier and Van Oord take their close and long-lasting collaboration to the next level.

The agreement will allow both companies to focus on their core business. It will enable them to schedule on​-​site maintenance more effectively to support operational excellence and minimize unplanned vessel downtime.

Jaap de Jong, Staff Director Ship Management Department at Van Oord: “The service contract will provide us with better asset predictability. At the same time it ensures us that we can focus on our core​ ​business. By striving for optimized engine performance and a minimization of fuel consumption and emissions, this CSA supports both parties to act in a socially responsible manner.”

Gertjan Boer, Managing Director at Bolier: “The Power by the Hour contract allows us to closer collaborate with our customers. This type of ​agreement results in unburdening customers, increasing reliability of their MaK assets and optimization of operational costs.”

In addition, Van Oord will benefit from the latest MaK technological developments, including performance improvement updates.