Southsea Common Defenses Need Repairs

Last week, April 4th, strong winds and high tides caused a localized collapse to occur on the Southsea Common promenade, reports the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP).

According to the partnership, teams from Colas and the ESCP were on-site quickly to fence off the affected area and make it safe.

These failures are occurring more frequently as the existing structures come to the end of their useful lifespan, and underline the need for new defenses along the frontage that will significantly reduce the risk from flooding in Southsea for the next century,” said the ESCP.

We are now in the process of planning the emergency repairs with all affected parties. Surveys of the area had already been completed for the Southsea Coastal Scheme design work, and Knights Brown (contractors on the Tipner Lake scheme) will be carrying out the works,” added the partnership.

Their existing presence in the city will allow them to move quickly to reinstate the defenses and restore the promenade to full width before the summer season.

The ESCP also announced that during March, the work on the Tipner Lake scheme was extend to the Northern frontage, between Spinnaker Drive and the Lido, which will be closed off to the Public until the completion date in Autumn 2019.