EPA Grant to Help Restore Louisiana Coastal Habitat

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Gulf of Mexico Program yesterday awarded $285,744 in grants to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana to help restore the swamp forest habitat near the City of New Orleans.

This grant will help protect and restore the habitat along the Louisiana coast,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

This is a welcome investment, which follows recent news from the Department of the Interior that GOMESA revenue-sharing provisions will return $82 million to Louisiana. These resources will go a long way in implementing the Coastal Master Plan and funding critical infrastructure projects across Louisiana’s coast,” said Rep. Clay Higgins.

Louisiana’s coast is important not only for our state, but for the nation as a whole. If we fail to preserve it, we jeopardize the safety and security of those who live in the area, the many industries that depend on our coast, and the critical ports that help transport goods throughout the country,” said Rep. Mike Johnson. “I am grateful the EPA has realized the importance of our coastal restoration efforts, and I will continue to work with all the stakeholders to make meaningful advancements for our state.”

The Gulf of Mexico Program began in 1988 to protect, restore and maintain the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem in economically sustainable ways. Funded by EPA, the program is a non-regulatory, inclusive consortium of state and federal government agencies, representatives of the business and agricultural community, fishing industry, scientists, environmentalists, and community leaders from all five Gulf States.