Drainage Power Boosted Using Damen DOP250

Image source: Damen

The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority recently acquired a Damen DOP250 dredge pump, together with the cutter unit, to perform maintenance dredging of the drainage channels in British Guyana.

The coast line of British Guyana is below sea level. With a rising sea level due to climate change, the inland water level is controlled carefully. This is done using drainage channels. These narrow channels have the tendency to gradually silt due to local sediment deposits.

The Damen DOP250 is attached to an excavator, acquired at Waterking. The hydraulically driven DOP and cutter are powered by a separate power pack. The entire system is located on a pontoon – thus the complete instant dredger can be moved easily from one outfall channel to the next.

According to Chief Executive Officer of NDIA, Fredrick Flatts, “Currently, NDIA has three pontoons, each having two excavators but they are no longer sufficient to cater to the drainage needs. This dredge will be moving from one outfall channel to another and was designed to be far more efficient since it can move to the outfall channels in a shorter period of time.

This project in British Guyana has been ongoing since Q1/2018.