BAM VIDEO: Levvel-bloc at Afsluitdijk

The first project for XblocPlus was recently awarded, and as part of this contract, XblocPlus will be used as reinforcement of the 32 km long Afsluitdijk.

The Levvel consortium, including BAM, Van Oord and Rebel, will use the new XblocPlus under the name ‘Levvel-bloc’ for this Afsluitdijk project.

Placement trials, conducted with a hydraulic excavator equipped with an innovative clamp – developed by BAM and Van Oord -, are performed with 6 ton blocks, said BAM in its announcement.

According to the official statement, “Each block on the Afsluitdijk weighs about 6 ton, is extremely strong, has a wave retardant effect, and is easy to install.”

The blocks will be produced by means of a fully automated process in the Port of Harlingen and transported by ship to the causeway.